Sophie James, travel writer, author, novelist, photographer

the tulip salon

I created the TULIP SALON three years ago to be an informal, high-energy networking event for artists, all medias. The Salons hark back to the idea of the eighteenth century Salon – intimate sitting room Salons, a host or hostess, wine, warmth and the push and pull of mixed debate and shared performance: poets, writers, painters, actors, musicians.

It’s proved to be a popular antidote to the stiffness of formal gallery openings or cold shop-front book launches. I think there’s something literally heartening about an intimate space in the home for shared performance – around the hearth – from the heart – a flow of art… It might sound clichéd but it makes for a very fun evening.

So far Salons have taken place in private homes in Balham, Fulham and Windsor but I’m always interested in new spaces and new possibilities so please be in touch if you’d like to do some plotting and hosting. Ideally you would need to offer up wall-space for pictures.

The TULIP of the title is from a painting of a Yoni – traditionally the female vessel for creative energy.

The Tulip Salon
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